Our students.

Dawn Hou

My experience at the University of Sheffield was more than I expected.

My experience as a civil engineer undergraduate at the University of Sheffield was not what I expected, but more than I expected. I first chose to study at the University of Sheffield because of its high student satisfaction. After four years of studies, I can now understand why. Sheffield has not only helped me to acquire the technical and practical skills that will enable me to succeed in industry, it has also inspired me to find my strength and interests through all kinds of trainings and opportunities. For instance, the Spaghetti Bridge Challenge has encouraged students to come together and collaborate to produce creative solutions. SURE (Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience) has truly enhanced my research skills and independence. My final year project has provided me with the opportunity to carry out exciting laboratory experiments which aren’t available elsewhere.

“Study at the University of Sheffield if you want to be a unique individual and be able to influence society!”

Tegen George

My time at Sheffield so far has been so full of experiences.

My time at Sheffield so far has been so full of experiences, with my course and the department at the heart of these. I’ve been so lucky being a Sheffield dual student, as you get the best of both worlds learning from leaders in their fields in both Civil & Structural Engineering and within the School of Architecture. In Civil it’s so easy to make friends with your coursemates because of how you’re taught – group projects, site visits, tutorials for lectures, laboratories. Both the departmental societies – CivSoc & the Architeers – are constantly putting on events and socials for all year groups to come together both academically and socially, such as debates, quizzes, sports teams, pub crawls, and balls.

“I’ve been really involved in both student societies and was President of the Architeers, a position that really allowed me to branch out, as well as improve my skills for future jobs.”

In the future I see myself becoming a chartered Structural Engineer, working within a big consultancy such as Arup or BDP to push the boundaries of building design throughout the world. The department helps with this by having big companies as industrial partners within module teaching. They also give you the best support to secure summer placements and graduate opportunities with countless careers fairs and events.

Jennifer Baldwin

I can’t think of a city or a University in which I’d rather live and study.

The reason many people come to the University of Sheffield is its proximity to the Peak District National Park. It’s a factor that contributed to my own decision but is not the most important one, after all it’s Sheffield where you spend the majority of your time. After coming to an open day I fell in love with the green city and the friendly university. I’ve found that the Civil & Structural Engineering department is amazing and the new facilities available in the Diamond are great for gaining a practical understanding of the applications of our lectures.

“Being a student in Sheffield is incredible and the University has provided me with many opportunities.”

The Departmental placement scheme enabled me to secure a position for the summer, allowing me to enhance my understanding of the industry. I have also debated in a graduate and student event with the Institution of Civil Engineers, and I work to encourage more young people into the field through my job as a Science and Engineering Champion. As a result, I can’t think of a city or a University in which I’d rather live and study.

Tek Yi Chyn

I am grateful that I am able to study in one of the greenest and happiest cities in the United Kingdom.

Before arriving in the UK, I studied A-levels in my home country. Fortunately, my result was good enough to be accepted into the University of Sheffield. I am currently studying Civil and Structural Engineering in University of Sheffield which ranked as one of the top in the course’s ranking.

“Unlike other universities, the University of Sheffield provides an optional Year in Industry for students. It helps to put my academic studies into context and improve my employability.”

This motivates me to work hard in my studies as well as being active in extra-curricular activities in order to get a placement.  Getting a placement is not easy, however, what you will get in return is priceless.  By having the work experience from a placement year, it is easier to secure a good job after graduating.

As the majority of people may have an impression that engineering is basically all about science, I would say this is only partially correct. In Civil Engineering, we study Mathematics, Mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering and Materials Engineering. Other than that, what interests me the most is the design modules.  During my first semester in 1st year, I learned how to draw structures using AutoCAD. Initially, it was really difficult, but as you practice more, it becomes much easier and that made me very proud of myself. We also got to design bridges in a group. We drew the plan on a paper, constructed the bridge with the materials provided, and designed a poster to advertise our bridge.

“The experience was totally worthy and FUN!”

To be honest, the University of Sheffield wasn’t my first choice. However, I am grateful that I am able to study in one of the greenest and happiest cities in the United Kingdom. As it is a city campus, it is convenient for students to practice their daily routine, not only attending classes but also getting groceries for survival! The Moor Market, Sainsbury’s, Iceland and Poundland are just a stone’s throw away from my current accommodation. Besides that, the Mappin Building (main building for the Faculty of Engineering) is located near West Street. For your information, West Street is one of the busiest streets in Sheffield because you basically can get everything from there. Everyone loves it!

It is indeed a great opportunity to be able to study in one of the top universities and happiest cities in UK. I have nothing to conclude but to ask, ‘Who doesn’t like Sheffield?’

Sebina Kalawadwala

The thing I love most is that it’s not all about theory; we are provided with real-life, hands-on practical experience.

The reason why I chose to study at the University of Sheffield and what made me come here, hundreds of miles away from my home and family? Well to be honest the decision was not easy but I can tell you this, it is definitely worth it. I chose this University because I was looking for a very specific kind of course, i.e. MEng Civil and Structural Engineering, which is a 4 year integrated masters course.

“Not a lot of people know this but in the UK, as of now, there are only a handful of universities offering this course, of which the University of Sheffield is the best.”

The University has a lot to offer in addition to their study programs, the Students’ Union has been voted, 4 times in a row, the best Students’ Union in the country. We have more than 300 societies and sports clubs – there is something for everyone here and if there isn’t then they can start their own society.

The thing I love most is that here at the University it’s not all about theory; we are provided with real life hands-on practical experience. How? Let me give you an example. Through the study of Civil Engineering, everyone knows that one will go ahead in life to design and build bridges and other structures after gaining a deep understanding of the principles behind it, but would you expect a 1st year student to do the same? The answer will most definitely be no. Going ahead of the conventional thinking, we were asked to build a model bridge purely from our intuitions and qualitative judgment, excluding any sort of technical or mathematical calculation. Here we were given a brief which we had to strictly adhere to and, like a real life situation, we bought and sold materials, hence calculating the total cost of the bridge. Later we tested the bridge and, to avoid any penalties, we ensured that the latter was able to carry the required minimum load of 8kg.

“Going through this exercise I am sure that I learned a lot more than I ever could from any textbooks.”

I am confident this exercise was just the tip of the iceberg; the Department has a lot more to offer in the future. I am eagerly looking forward to my time here. I could have gone on talking about numbers but personally I feel numbers are boring and you can never get a true sense of something from them, so instead I decided to write about one of my most cherished experiences and I hope it will give a feel of how studying at the University of Sheffield is.

Balgovind Rangith

It is consistently among the top 10 universities in the UK for Civil Engineering.

My favourite subject in school was easily maths. I love logical thinking and however nerdy you may find this; I love that thrill you get when you get a hard maths question correct after working through pages of numbers. Being raised in Dubai, an ever-changing city with new, striking buildings popping up by the day.

“For a long time, I knew I wanted to be related in some way in making these mega structures.”

My father is a structural engineer and his whole profession seems so interesting to me, especially when he describes all the projects he has done and the innovations in engineering that have allowed crazy structures to be built like the ones in Dubai. This led me to choose Civil Engineering as my bachelor’s degree. I chose The University of Sheffield after months of research on the internet and visiting countless university fairs. It is consistently among the top 10 universities in the UK for Civil Engineering. What persuaded me even more was the merit scholarship I received from the British Council for my studies at the University.

“Although I haven’t been in Sheffield for long, I really have come to love this city.”

Maybe it is how interesting my course is, or maybe it is how awesome the friends I have made here are. My ongoing project now is to build a model bridge in the project lab space with wood, paper, string, and foam, and analyse how this bridge works (or doesn’t). For this project we get to use CAM tools like laser cutters, 3D printers and many other machinery. It becomes a lot more interesting to learn when you have the ability to make structures and do things by hand rather than watch a video or read a textbook. Another part that I love about my choice of coming to The University of Sheffield is The Diamond, that building is just an absolute beauty.